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The African American Autry Families of Southeast North Carolina: Daniel Autry

DANIEL AUTRY was born 1830. He married PHERIBCO. She was born 1840. They lived in Cedar Creek Township in Cumberland County in 1870. Daniel’s occupation was listed as a farm laborer in 1870.

Children of DANIEL AUTRY and PHERIBCO are:

A. SARAH AUTRY was born in 1855.

B. ANN AUTRY was born in 1854.



Although Daniel was found living in the Stedman area of Cumberland County in 1870 and 1880. He was living only a very short distance from the Little Coharie township of Sampson County because Stedman (Cedar Creek township) is only three miles from Autryville (Little Coharie township) and the two townships bordered each other just south and west of Autryville.

Daniel's family of the 1870 Stedman area included the following.

Daniel Autry born abt. 1830
Phoebie Autry born abt. 1840 (died of pneumonia in early 1880)
Sarah Autry born abt. 1855
Ami Autry born abt. 1854
Jessie Autry born abt. 1861
William Autry born abt. 1869
Laura Autry born abt. 1865
Hugh Carroll born abt. 1849

By 1880 Daniel's family was listed as follows.

Daniel Autry 45
Jessie Autry 20
Laura Autry 16
David Autry 13
Mary Autry 11
Lucy Autry 9

In 1882 Daniel married Lotty or Sotty Fort Who was a member of a large African American Fort family living in the Steadman area of Cumberland County and who was probably closely related to their next door neighbors who were also Forts living in Little Coharie of Sampson County.
By 1900 Jessie was the only member of Daniel's family that could be found. Jessie and his family were living in the McMillan's district of the Flea Hill township of Cumberland County NC. I think that area includes some of present day Eastover.

His family was listed as follows.

Jessie Autry born abt. 1861
Isabell Autry born abt. 1872
Lula M Autry born abt. 1887
David M Autry born abt. 1897
Ferby J Autry born abt. 1898

By 1910 Jessie must have died. His family was found without him. His wife and children were found living in the Mars Hill township of Cumberland County which is also somewhere close to present day Eastover. They were living close to Ned Edward Autry's son Isaac and family.

Jessie's family of 1910 was listed as follows.

Isabella Autry 32
Lula M Autry 19
Daniel Autry 13
Jannie Autry 11
Roosevelt Autry 8

In 1930 I could only find Roosevelts family. They were living somewhere in the Eastover township of Cumberland County. They were found living very close to Frank Autry's great grandson Albert Autry and family. Roosevelt's family of 1930 is listed below but his children's birthdays are not listed because they may still be living.
Roosevelt Autry 28
Annie Autry 22
Maggie Autry
Thurman Autry
Hubbert Autry
Isabella Autry 70

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