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The African American Autry Families of Southeast North Carolina: Frank Autry

FRANK AUTRY was born 1848 in North Carolina. He is the son of JULIA AUTRY (1825). JULIA died sometime prior to 1910. FRANK married SALLIE CULBRETH, daughter of VIRGEL CULBRETH and S GINNIE CULBRETH. SALLIE was born 1850 in North Carolina.

In 1870 22-year-old FRANK AUTRY and his family were living in the Little Coharie Township in Sampson County. At that time he was living with his pregnant 22-year-old wife and 45-year-old mother.

FRANK died sometime around 1875. In 1880 SALLIE CULBRETH AUTRY lived with her 65 year old mother-in-law JULIA AUTRY, her 65 year old mother GINNIE CULBRETH, and her three daughters; LUCINDA, ALICE, and LAURA JANE AUTRY. At the time the family lived in the DISMAL Township in Sampson County.

SALLIE died sometime around 1900.



Frank was still found living in the Little Coharie township during 1870 along with his wife Sallie and his Mother Julia Autry. Julia could have very well been Ned and Daniel's mother also. By 1880 Frank must have died because his mother, wife and daughters were found without him living in the Dismal township of Sampson County which also bordered the Little Coharie and Cedar Creek townships. Incidentally, in 1880 and 1900 Frank's family were living close to William Autry who is the ancestor of a very large family of African American Autry and Williams descendants of present day Dismal.

As mentioned above Frank was found living in the Little Coharie township of Sampson County in 1870.

His family at the time was listed as follows.
Frank Autry 22
Sallie Culbreth Autry 22
Julia Autry 45

By 1880 Frank's wife Sallie was listed as the head of the household and she and her family were found living in the Dismal township of Sampson County. Her family during this time was listed as follows.

Sallie Autry 30
Lucinda Autry 10
Alice Autry 6
Laura Autry 5
Julia Autry (mother-in-law) 65
S Ginnie Culbreth (mother) 65

By 1900 Julia was found to be the head of household and was still living in the Dismal township.

Her family at the time is listed below.
Julia Autry 80
Alice Autry (granddaughter) 26
Laura Autry (") 25
Albert Autry (great grandson) 2

Albert must have been either Laura or Alice's son. He is the only one of Frank's descendants that I could find in 1930. At that time he was living in the Eastover area of Cumberland County not far from Daniel's grandson Roosevelt.

His family is listed below but his children's ages are not included because like Roosevelt's children, they may still be alive.

Albert Autry 29
Lessie Autry 29
Bulah Autry
Eveline Autry
Charles H Autry
Hazel Autry

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