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I am still trying to piece together Ned Edward Autry's early life. I am very sure that the slave owner George W. Autry was his last slave master. George was the only slave owner living in the Southern Division of Sampson County with the surname of Autry in 1850 and then Little Coharie in 1860.

I found George in 1850 at the age of 30 living with Mary Autry who was 32 at the time in the Southern Division of Sampson County NC. By 1860 he was found living with and married to a 17 year old female named Sarah Ann Herring-Autry in the township of Little Coharie. Their home at this time could have been located in the same place. From my research I am beginning to see that parts of the Southern Division of Sampson County later became known as the Little Coharie township. Click here to view some of Sarah's Herring heritage.

In 1850 George was listed with six slaves.

60 Male Black
54 Female Black
24 Female Black
22 Male Black
14 Male Black
3 Male Black

By 1860 his slave total had increased to 13 and they were living in 4 slave homes.

73 Male Black
67 Female Black
48 Male Black
30 Male Black
26 Female Black
22 Male Black
19 Female Black
18 Female Black
13 Male Black
12 Female Black
8 Male Black
3 Female Black
1 Male Black

Note: I am willing to bet that the two older slaves in 1850 and 1860 are the same man and woman but notice how their ages advances 13 years in almost 10 years. This tells me that George guessed their ages in both listings of this information. I am also willing to bet that since George W. Autry was the only slave owner with the surname of Autry that was living in the Little Coharie township in 1860, Julia Autry and her son Frank who also lived in the Little Coharie township in 1870 are some of those slaves listed above. Julia and Frank had moved to the Dismal township of Sampson County by 1880.

Note: It is very possible that Julia is also Ned's mother and that none of the slaves listed above are Ned's wife or children. In my slave research I have found that many men that were slaves cohabited (a state of marriage for slaves) with women that were slaves of another slave owner and any children that resulted from these unions belonged to the woman's slave owner. Here is a page that gives some insight on the state of marriage for slaves in the ante-bellum south and here is a list of other slave owners that lived in the southern district of Sampson County in 1860.

By 1870 George and his family had moved from the Little Coharie township to the McDaniels township of Sampson County. This move could have been within a very short distance since Little Coharie bordered McDaniels.

His family during this time was listed as
George W. Autry 50
Sarah A. Autry 27
Missouria Jackson Autry 6
Emma Lee Autry 5 (died of chicken pox in 1880)
Laura Hill Autry 3
Owen Herring Autry 9 months
Surprisingly his next door neighbor was found to be Ned Edward Autry and his family. I am assuming that Ned Edward came to the McDaniels area with George sometime between 1860 and 1870.

George died sometime around 1873. In 1880 Sarah was found listed as a widow with all of the children that her and George were listed with in 1870 with an addition of one daughter Ada Jane Autry who was born in 1872. They were still found living in the McDaniels township with Ned's sons Richard and Isaac as some of their closest neighbors.
In 1890 Sarah testified at Ned Edward's pension hearing. She testified that she had known Ned during slavery when he was her slave and before then when he was a slave owned by her family. I found Sarah again in 1920 living in the Little Coharie township with her daughter Ada Jane and her husband who's name was J A Martins?. I was very surprised not to find George, Sarah or any of their children listed in the Autry Culbreth book. I have viewed that information about four times but I guess it is possible that I could have overlooked George and his family.

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