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Autry Family Research:

I am Allen Omega, one of Ned Edmund Autry's many many descendants of the 21st century. I have been researching Ned's African American families of Bladen, Sampson and Duplin counties for more than five years now. Oral history spoken from the descendants of the Bladen and Sampson Autry's has it that Ned Herring alias Ned Edmund Autry was closely related to and associated with Ned Edward Autry's very large family of Sampson and Cumberland Autrys. My curiosity of the relationship between these two families is mainly how this research began and now it has almost became an obsession. There is a wealth of information on this site that indirectly supports this oral history but I have lately obtained information that directly supports it and many other questions that have been asked about Ned Edmund and Ned Edward's illusive past.

Do not be surprised at the variations found in a persons age from one time period to another. There were many people that were born in the ante-bellum south and the reconstruction era that did not know their age. A vast amount of these people could not read, write or count.

Note:As I stated above, because of new findings this entire site has became very outdated. Without a doubt, I have now became very knowledgeable on the subject of Ned Edmund Autry and his kinsmen of many parts of eastern NC. That is my reward for many many $'s spent and relentless hours of research which was at one time almost nonstop day and night. I now know of Ned's father, two of his grandmothers, a great grandmother, most of his more than 20 siblings, a host of his uncles, aunts, 1st cousins, their families, his birth township, County, state and his last two slave owners. Incidentally, Ned and his uncle Archie were to be sold to their last slave owner for $3250.00.

Most of the above information is housed all throughout this site and it's sister sites. Just as I have blindly researched and searched from the present back to the past to put this puzzle together, the average individual can view and search this site and put that same puzzle together. For anyone who cannot, there will be a straight forward presentation when my new project is completed or simply contact me now. I will gladly share any of my findings which are actually facts based on records from yesteryear.

Unfortunately There will be no more updating of information on this site. All additional information will be included in another project that I am going to begin shortly.


Daniel Autry
Elizabeth Bordeux-Autry
Odell Autry
Virginia Thomas-Autry
Leroy Autry
Doretha Autry-Ellis
Michael Kenny
Lula G Crenshaw
Anjanette L. Parker
Tonya Smith
Bernice Leonard Autry Parker
Pete Caviness
And new found contacts
Helen Ennis Williams

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May 16, 2009 - The book is now available. Because much of the information deals with all of the African American Autry families found during 1870 in Southeast, North Carolina, it was named "The African American Autry Families of Southeast North Carolina".

It can be purchased at the following location:

Big thanks to all of you who provided information to be included in the book. My apologies to everyone that submitted data that was not included. I will start collecting this data and plan a May 1, 2010 publication of the second edition.

Please order your book now! The book is currently priced at $15.00. What a deal!!!

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