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Mary Autry

Somehow Mary's father, Henry Johnson was owned by the slavemaster Daniel Johnson who lived in the Turnbull township of Bladen County NC and her mother was owned by some of the Carlton slave owners of Duplin County. I don't really know how Henry met and married Mary's mother Nancy Carlton but I know that slavery ended in 1865. Information from 1870 Duplin County shows that by then Henry and Nancy were married and had two children, Donnie being born sometime around 1858 and Toney Troy being born sometime around 1864. I have never heard any of Henry's Johnson or Autry descendants say, admit or agree that Henry lived in Duplin County for such a long period of time, that his wife's name was Nancy Carlton or that there was a son named Donnie. Click here to view that information in some records of 1870 Warsaw NC.
I found Mary Carlton Johnson living with her parent's Henry and Nancy Carlton-Johnson in the Township of Warsaw NC in 1870. Her brother's Donnie, Toney Troy and George W Johnson's were also living in the same household at the time. This same information from Duplin County shows that the family was still living in the same place in 1880 with an exception of Nancy Carlton-Johnson and Donnie Johnson. They must have died. By simply doing the math, Mary had to move to Bladen County and get married to Ned shortly after 1880 because their oldest son, William was born sometime around 1882.

The Story has been told many times by Leroy Autry (one of Mary's elder grandchildren) of how Mary and some of her younger children would sometimes walk from Bladen County to Duplin County to visit her relatives. Leroy said that she would stop and spend the night in the Delway area with the Murphy's, Daniel, Dora and sons Daniel, Jacob and Willie. The Murphy's were a white family that had moved from the Colly township earlier. The next morning Mary would continue her journey on to Duplin County.
Mary's Carlton relatives were found in the Warsaw, Magnolia and the Keanansville areas of Duplin County. I assume after such a journey Mary's trip would more than likely end close to or in Magnolia. I have heard from my uncle Leroy Autry who is Mary's grandson, that most of her immediate relatives (uncles, aunts and cousins) once lived somewhere on or about the present day Carlton Chapel road which runs from almost Magnolia to Warsaw.

I also found Amos Johnson living in the Warsaw township in 1870 a few houses from where Henry and the Carltons were living. I don't know if Amos was Henry's brother or not but he was also one of The slaves owned by Daniel Johnson here in the Turnbull township of Bladen County. Amos like Henry returned to Bladen County sometime around 1880.
I have heard some of the family elders speak of Amos down through the years. It has been said that he was a firm believer in the mother religion and could do many strange and mysterious things. I heard the story of how they put his home up for auction at the courthouse in Elizabethtown. They say Amos got up many hours before the sun came up that day and walked to Fayetteville on one side of the Cape Fear then back to Elizabethtown on the other side. When he arrived in Elizabethtown just before the auctioning of his home he told everyone to go home that his place would never be auctioned off. Later on that day news came that the judge who was to preside over the auction had somehow accidentally met his death enroute to Elizabethtown. Just like Amos said his home was never auctioned off. I also heard that he met his death when he cursed God Almighty in a lightning storm one day while working.

Note:The mother religion Vodoun ("Voodoo") was an African religion and is one of the oldest on earth. Please do not confuse it with what the Euro-Anglo slave establishment forced parts of it to turn into (American Hoodoo) and then label it as black magic (witch craft). Know this! because the Euro-Anglo slave establishment feared it, could not understand and control it, they campaigned against, condemned and literally eliminated the religion and anyone that practiced or believed in it. Read here for more on what happened to slaves that believed in and/or sought inner peace by relying on their native and/or ancestral religion

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