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Ned And Mary's Bladen County Children

On this page I am going to try and tell about Ned and Mary's children and some of what I know of their children. I mostly know about my grandfather's (Oscar Autry) family and some about his younger brother (James Autry) and sister's (Ada Autry-Whitted) family. Information on Ned and Mary's other children will simply be what some of the records show and what my uncle's Daniel and Odell can tell me. If I could get the information I would post all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Ned and Mary's children. I have had no luck in that area. Feel free to contact me anytime about anything on this site that you may have questions about or any information that you may want to include.

Ned And Mary's Children:

Descendants of Ned Edmund Autry

1 Ned Edmund Autry 1854 - 1929
.. +Mary Carlton Johnson 1866 - 1932
.........2 William Autry 1882 -
............. +Ada 1888 - 1926
......... *2nd Wife of William Autry:
............. +Sarah
.........2 Oscar Autry 1885 - 1976
............. +Cora Jane Wright 1887 - 1983
.........2 Carrie Autry 1887 -
............. +Acer Richardson
.........2 Fletcher Autry 1889 - 1937
.........2 Purlie Autry 1892 - 1914
.........2 Lossie Autry-Jackson 1894 -
.........2 Sallie Autry 1895 - 1968
............. +Hobart Redus
.........2 Wadius Fulford Autry 1898 - 1927
.........2 Edward Henry Autry 1899 -
.........2 Nancy Caroline Eady Rosie Autry 1902 - 1929
............. +David McKoy
.........2 James Lonzy Autry 1905 - 1974
............. +Odessa Dessie Wright 1908 - 1966
.........2 Ada Perlean Autry 1908 - 2002
............. +James Whitted
......... *2nd Husband of Ada Perlean Autry:
............. +? Reagan

William Henry Autry

I do not know much about Willie. I know quite a few of his grandchildren that presently lives near the Susie Sandhill and his great grandchildren that were born and raised in the White Oak area of Bladen County. I first found Willie living in his father's household in 1900. From 1910-1920, information shows Willie living in the Turnbull township of Bladen County NC with his wife Ada who was born sometime around 1888. Ada died sometime around 1926 and some of their children are listed below.

Descendants of William Henry Autry

1 William Henry Autry 1882 -
.. +Ada Davis 1888 - 1926
..... 2 Thomas Autry 1899 -
..... 2 Lonnie Autry 1908 - 1928
..... 2 John Autry 1912 - 1986
..... 2 Willie B. Autry 1916 - 1981
..... 2 Mary L. Autry 1918 - 2000
..... 2 David Autry 1920 - 2003
..... 2 Letha J. Autry
..... 2 Elvin Autry 1926 - 2002
*2nd Wife of William Henry Autry:
.. +Sarah Elizabeth 1902 - 1994
..... 2 Norman Autry 1933 - 2007
..... 2 Edward Autry 1929 - 2005
..... 2 Raymond Autry

Note: Norman, Edward and Raymond were Williams children with his 2nd wife Sarah and this list is probably incomplete. Sarah would eventually marry Preston Lewis of Bladenboro NC after Willie's death.

Oscar Autry

Oscar and his wife had a large family of children. There are close to a hundred grandchildren and hundreds of great grandchildren, I don't even know them all. Their span on the eastern seaboard covers most states from Florida to New York and from North Carolina to California east and west.
I see the same thing happening to Oscar's family as did happen to his parents and grandparents families. Already most of his younger lines of living descendants cannot even call his name if asked. And I guarantee that his descendants of 2 more generations to come will live their lives and not even have the slightest idea who he or his wife was. That is one of the main objectives of this page. Keeping their family history and genealogy at the tips of their fingers.
I first found Oscar living in his father's household in 1900 and 1910. On 11-23-1911 he married Cora Jane Wright who was also from a very large family. This family was the Wrights and Suttons also of Bladen County. Click here for more information on the Wrights and Suttons. After their marriage Oscar and Cora lived in the Colly township of Bladen County for the rest of their natural lives. Click here to view an image of their family tree which quickly becomes outdated as I find new information.
Oscar and Cora's children are listed below. Click on the first letter of their names to view an image of their immediate families. This information on the individual family member's immediate families was collected, compiled and presented in a memorial service for Oscar and Cora that was held at the Pleasant Hill Holiness church on 8-14-1999 by Doretha Autry-Ellis and other family members. Although it is currently somewhat outdated it has been a great help to me in bringing each immediate family to the web.

Descendants of Oscar Autry

1 Oscar Autry 1885 - 1976
.. +Cora Jane Wright 1893 - 1983
..... 2 Lofton Laylon Autry 1912 - 1991
......... +Uney Bronson
..... *2nd Wife of Lofton Laylon Autry:
......... +Dora Lee
..... *3rd Wife of Lofton Laylon Autry:
......... +Elizabeth Clara McClean 1919 - 1952
..... 2 Edward Grant Autry 1913 - 1993
......... +Azzie Lay Johnson
..... 2 Esther Louise Autry
......... +Lency McClean 1912 - 1977
..... 2 Glennie Mammie Autry-Johnson
......... +Almon F. Johnson 1917 - 2000
..... 2 Daniel Fletcher Autry
......... +Elizabeth Bordeaux
..... 2 Julia Mae Autry
......... +Palmer Johnson
..... 2 Preston Autry 1924 - 1972
..... 2 Odell Autry
......... +Virginia Thomas
..... 2 Elvin Ervin Autry 1926 - 2002
..... 2 Leslie Autry 1928 - 2000
......... +Everlena A. Richardson 1933 - 2002
..... 2 Johnny Nathan Autry
..... 2 Oscar Lee Jr Autry
..... 2 Cleophus Autry
......... +Catherine Marlene Thomas

Note:Elvin was one of William and Ada's sons but he is also included as Oscar's child because Oscar and Cora raised him from almost his first day. He was loved as a son and brother by every member of Oscar's immediate family and was equally loved as an uncle by all of Oscar's 3rd and 4th generation of family members.

This is Oscar and Cora's old home place. A place that has been called home by their children, grandchildren and many great grandchildren. Their old home has been remodeled by their youngest child, Cleophus Autry who currently resides there.

Oscar and Cora's Old Home Place

This is the road leading into Autry town. This road was only a dirt path when Oscar began living in the area. These photos were taken one cold icy day that was not in May.

Carrie Autry

I found Carrie in 1900 living in her father Ned Edmund's household. By 1910 she was found married to Acer Richardson and and living in the Turnbull township of Bladen. She and her family were still to be found living their in 1930. Some of her children were as follows.

Descendants of Carrie Autry

1 Carrie Autry 1887 -
.. +Acer Richardson 1884 - 1957
..... 2 B. Wallace Richardson 1904 - 1981
..... 2 Jasper Richardson 1908 - 1999
..... 2 Janie L Richardson 1911 - 1936
..... 2 Norwood Richardson 1913 - 1980
..... 2 Nelson Richardson 1915 -
..... 2 Serena B. Richardson 1917 -
..... 2 Asa L Richardson 1922 -
..... 2 J. Harrison Richardson 1927 -
..... 2 Sadie D. Richardson 1929 -

Fletcher Autry 1916 - 1976

Purlie Autry 1892 - 1914

Fletcher and Purley were found living in their father's household in 1900 and 1910. Sometime between 1910 and 1920 they moved to Cleveland Ohio. Somehow Purley ended up in Youngstown Ohio.

Lossie Autry 1895 - 1955
..+ Jack Williams

Descendants of Sallie Autry

1 Sallie Autry 1895 - 1968
.. +Hobart Redus 1900 - 1970

Edward Henry Autry 1899 - 1959

Lossie, Sallie and Ed Henry were found living in their father's household in 1900 and 1910. Lossie and Sally ran away to Ohio sometime between 1910 and 1920 to live with their brother Fletcher. A few years later Ed Henry followed them to Ohio. I found them living in the township of Cuyahoga in Cleveland Ohio in 1920. The household consisted of

1 Fletcher Autry
2 Lossie Autry
3 Sallie Autry
4 Ted Autry (also listed as a brother) Ted was their brother Edward Henry.
Ed Henry never got married but it has been said that he could have been the father of Edworth Bordeux. Edworth was one of Rose Johnson-Locke-Carroll's great grandchildren. Lossie and Sally eventually got married. Sallie married Hobart Redus. Neither of the sisters ever had any children. I remember aunt Sally very well.

Wadious Fulford Autry 1898 - 1927
..+Corina Tatum 1887 - 1955

At this time I don not know any information on Wade. I think he also tried to live up north somewhere but eventually came back to Bladen. I am not for sure but I think he is the one that lived in what was called the "Bud" house. This was a house located near the present day location of my uncle Edward Grant Autry and his wife Azzie's home. It also seems like I heard some of the elders say that he has a daughter presently living in some parts of SC.

Nancy Caroline Eady Rosie 1902 - 1929

I first found Rosie living in her father's household in 1900 and 1910. By 1930 she had married David McKoy. She was the Mother of Harry Lee McKoy and there was also a daughter born to this union. Nancy was suppose to have been named after her grandmothers and aunts but I haven't found anyone who could tell me all of her names yet. Nancy's 4 names that I know played a major role in helping me find out who Ned and Mary's parents were.

Descendants of Nancy Caroline Eady Rosie Autry

1 Nancy Caroline Eady Rosie Autry 1902 - 1929
.. +David McKoy
..... 2 Harry Lee McKoy
..... 2 Sadie Almeta McKoy

James Lonzy Autry

I knew uncle James, his children and his grandchildren very well but I do not know the name of any of his great grandchildren. Most of his grandson's and I grew up and played in the dirt together.
James was first found living with his father and mother in 1910 and 1920. By 1930 James had married Desi Wright. She was a sister of Cora Wright, Oscar's wife and the sister of James and Oscar's first cousin Johnny Johnson's wife, Nollie Wright.

Descendants of James Lonzy Autry

1 James Lonzy Autry 1905 - 1974
.. +Odessa Dessie Wright 1908 - 1966
..... 2 Leroy Autry
......... +Willie Mae Thomas
..... 2 Roland Autry
......... +Verbie 1930 - 1987
..... 2 Lillie Mae Autry
..... 2 Williard Autry
..... 2 James Milton Autry 1932 - 1934

Ada Perlean Autry

I knew aunt Ada and her first husband James Whitted very well. Their only son Winston Whitted still lives close by their home spot.
I first found Ada living with her father and mother in 1910 and 1920. I found just her and her mother living together in 1930. Sometime after that she married James Whitted. Sometime after James Whitted died she married Mr. Reagan who's first name I cannot recall.

Descendants of Ada Perlean Autry

1 Ada Perlean Autry 1908 - 2002
.. +James Whitted
..... 2 Winston Whitted
*2nd Husband of Ada Perlean Autry:
.. +? Reagan

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