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Ned's Children

Although Ned and Mary were married and had a large family of children, there were many children that were fathered by Ned with other women. Some of the descendants of these children have asked for their beginning roots to also be mentioned somewhere on this site. I will just tell of the few children that I know were his and a few that the family elders and records are hinting as being his.

I know for a fact that Ned fathered a son with Tempie Hayes who was my maternal grandmother's (Sophie Jane Powell-Thomas) maternal aunt. His name was Joe Hayes. I have also heard some of the Hayes-Powell elders say that Tempie's sister Caroline also claimed that Ned fathered a child for her. Incidentally both of these women were his first cousins.

I know for a fact that Ned fathered a son with Sophie's sister Adeline Powell-Glover. This child died as an infant and was named John David Powell. The elders also think that Ned was also the father of Adeline's daughter Annie Julia Powell-Smith (Cubby). Click here for more details on the Powell and Hayes families. I also know for a fact that Ned fathered a daughter with Hellen Locklear that was named Macy Richardson who I remember very well.

And finally, the elders also seem to think that Lillie Autry was another child fathered by Ned Edmund. Lillie was also one of the Locklear sister's children but I have not had time to figure out which of the sisters were her mother.

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