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Caroline was first found living in the household of Rueben Fort's in the McDaniels township of Sampson County in 1870. Her eight year old daughter Lucinda, was also found living in this household during that time.

The fort household was listed as
Rueben Fort 40 year old white man
Hannah Fort 17 year old black woman
Michael Fort 5 year old black male
Ashley Fort 2 year old black female
Caroline Autry 23 year old black female
Lucinda Autry 8 year old black female

This household was also found to be one of George W. Autry's next door neighbors. In George's estate records after his death I found that Rueben's name was mentioned many times. From my interpretation of the records it looks like Sarah put a lot of George's belongings up for sale and Rueben was one of the people buying.
Although at this time I do not know if Caroline is Ned's sister, daughter or just another slave that was owned by George W. Autry, it is very likely that Rueben's wife and Caroline are Ned Edward and Rose's daughters. I have not found any information on Caroline or her daughter since 1870. It is possible that their surnames were changed by 1880 due to marriage.

Note: Rueben Fort was actually a black man that looked white (Mulatto). Rueben also served in the 135th along with Ned. His military records show that he was of very light complexion, black hair, black eyes, 6'4" and was born somewhere in North Carolina that he called the Canton District. Thanks to Elizabeth Harris of Ashboro, we have figured out that from the way Ruebens named was spelled in other information, he had a speech impairment and the Canton District was actually the Clinton District.
Rueben's family of 1880 is listed below. This is the last information that I could find on any of them. I guess it is because of all the females (the surname change) in his family.

Reuben Fort 47
Edey Fort (Wife) 24
Michael Fort 15
Ashley Fort 10
Ann E. Fort 7
Sallie A. Fort 3M

During 1880 Rueben and his family were found living in the Little Coharie Township. They were living as neighbors to other African American Fort families. Some of these families were also found living just as close in the neighboring township of Cedar Creek in Cumberland County. These people could have been Rueben's relatives. Rueben must have died sometime between 1880-1890, he was not listed in the 1890 veterans schedule.

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