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Charlotte was first found in 1870 living in the household of her father, Ned Edward Autry. In 1870-1871 Charlotte married Marion (Med) Parker who was also born sometime around 1850. They lived in the McDaniel township of Sampson County.

The children listed in their household in 1880 were
Mathew Parker born 1871
Emma L. Parker born 1873

In 1900 the children listed in their household were
Emma L. Parker (Charlotte and Marion's daughter)
Marchestor Parker born 1871 (Emma's husband) he was the son of Saul and Dellie, Dillie or Dollie Parker who were the parents of almost 20 Parker siblings. I found that Dillie and Saul lived in Little Coharie township all of their adult lives. Because of Dellie's name and the naming pattern of her children, I have a very strong feeling that Dellie is also very closely related to Ned Edward and Rose. I plan to research this later.
Note: Ms. Lula G. Crenshaw has stated that her mother has told her that although Emma and Marchestor were both Parkers before they married, they were not blood relatives. Ms. Crenshaw is introduced below.

Also listed in this home of 1900 were
Sudie Parker born 12-1895 (Emma's dau.)
Leslie Parker born 02-1899 (Emma's son.)
Mary E Autry born 01-1893
Lula Autry born 03-1895

Sankie Autry born 05-1898 (I found that Sankie's father was also a Parker from viewing some of her death information)
Click here to view the original listing of the above information in 1900. Also note that everyone is living in house no. 87.
Note: I am at odds as to how these three sisters could have been listed with the surname of Autry. Their mother's surname was somehow changed from Herring to Autry sometime between 1870 and 1880 and from what I can understand back to Herring at the time of her death.

The three Autry Siblings were listed as Marion's and Charlotte's grandchildren just as Emma and Marchestor's children were listed in this information of 1900. By 1910 Emma and Marchestor had moved out of her parent's home and as a result Marion and Charlotte were found with only the three Autry siblings living with them. But strangely their last names were changed to Parker and were listed as Charlotte and Marion's cousins. Actually, as of today 02-28-05, I found out via e-mail from Ms. Lula G. Crenshaw who is the daughter of Lula Cleo Boykin Crenshaw who is the daughter of Lula (Autry-Parker) Herring-Boykin that the Autry-Parker sisters (Lula, Mary and Sankie) were Flora Herring's children. Flora was introduced in Mary Autry-Herring's information. Ms. Crenshaw also stated that her mother told her that Flora had died by 1900 and that Marchestor and Emma were actually the people that raised the Autry-Parker siblings. I am still wondering why these three sisters were still found living with Charlotte and Marion after Emma and Marchestor moved away.
As I stated above, by 1910 Emma and Marchestor were found living in their own home with only their children living with them.

Some of their children at the time were
Mathew? born 1902
Nettie J. born 1904
Lula born 1907
Lillie born 1910

Click here to view the original listing of the above information in 1910. Also note that now the two families are living in house no. 108 and 109.
By 1920 Marchestor and Emma moved their family from the McDaniels township to the Little Coharie township of Sampson County to live. They were still living in the Little Coharie township in 1930 with an addition of three more people living with them.
Lois Parker born abt. 1919 (Their grandchild)
John Parker born abt. 1920 (Their son)
Marion Parker (Emma's father) Charlotte must have died by this time.

I found Sankie again in 1920 living in G.M. Parker's household. G.M. was listed as Sankie's cousin. Here is more information on G.M. Parker and his family. During this time his household, including himself was found to be listed as
G.M. Parker born 1850 (He didn't know his birthday)
Lula or Sula Parker his grandchild born 1912
Jane Parker, his cousin
Dorothy M Parker, his cousin born 1917
Mathew Parker, his cousin born 1916

Sankie Parker, his cousin. At one time I was wondering if Mathew and Dorothy were Sankie's children. Ms. Crenshaw has confirmed that Dorothy was Sankie's daughter and only child who passed away in 1988.

By this time (1920) Lula (Autry-Parker) Herring, Sankie's older sister had already became the wife of L.J. Boykin. In 1920 they were found in their own home which consisted of
Livius J. (LJ) Boykin born 7-14-1890, died Nov-1976
Lula E (Autry-Parker) Herring-Boykin born 1896
Eunice M.L. Boykin born 1915
Lula Cleo Boykin-Crenshaw
Ethelene Boykin born 1920

Their household was the same in 1930 except for three more children.
Grady Boykin born 9-07-21, died 2-10-02
Chevis Edward Boykin born 4-15-24, died Sept 1985
Arthur Lee. Boykin born 1927

Note: Ms. Crenshaw has said that her grandmother Lula died Sometime after giving birth to these six children and that her mother Ms. Lula Cleo Boykin-Crenshaw is the last surviving member of this group of siblings. L. J. Boykin would later marry again and father another set of children. I have not obtained much information on this latter group of siblings.

Lula and Sankie's older sister Mary was found living with and married to Frank Williams in 1920. Their six year old daughter Elizabeth was also found living with them at this time. Frank and Mary were still found living in the McDaniels township in 1930. Elizabeth was not living with them at this time but their niece, Sankie's daughter, Dorothy was. Dorothy was listed as being thirteen at the time. Ms Crenshaw stated that she thought that Mary had moved to the Snow Hill area of Sampson County sometime before her death and that Elizabeth married a man named Lutrell Butler. Elizabeth and Lutrell's children are presently living in Clinton NC, Washington DC and Maryland.
Because of this information, I have recently had the pleasure to corresponded via e-mail with Anjanette Parker, Sandra Boykin Spearman, Lula G. Crenshaw and Janice Boykin-Bryant. I am especially thankful for Ms. Crenshaw's helpful information. Long life and Peace to them all.

Most of the information on this page is from records that are more or less 100 years old. More than often these records are down right tricky and deceiving. If you notice, a person's birthday constantly changes in information from one year to the other. If anyone finds anything that needs to be added or changed, please feel free to speak up. Your input is a necessity for this is only a beginning.

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