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I have information on this page about Ned Edward Autry from his more than probable slave owner and slave brethren to his wife Rose Autry, their children and some of their Autry, Williams, Melvin, Boone, Boykin, Herring, Parker, Blackman, Thompson, Howard, Owens, Tatum, Drake, Womble, Johnson, Young, Fort and Peterson grand and great grandchildren that lived in the 1870-1930 McDaniels (Mintz and Parkersburg), Little Coharie (Roseboro, Salemburg and Autryville), South Clinton, Clinton, Dismal and other areas of Sampson County NC, Cedar Creek,Vander,Stedman,Carvers Creek (Linden), Black River (Godwin, Wade and Falcon) and Mars and Flea Hill (Eastover Fayetteville-Wade) townships of Cumberland counties NC. It is truly amazing how almost 100% of Ned's descendants would by 1910 leave the McDaniels township and make their homes in all of the other places mentioned above.

Ned Edward Autry was a veteran of the Civil War. On the website NC Colored Troops I found that he had enlisted in the Union army 3-27-65 at the age of 37. He was in company E of the 135th US Colored Infantry. For some reason his surname was spelled Audrey, but was spelled Autry on the website NC Colored Troops Pensions. I have ordered a copy of his pension application in search of any information that the family members listed to prove that they and Ned were who they were suppose to be. I also found Ned's surname to be spelled Aughtry in some recorded information of 1870 and 1880 and you can click here to view a listing of him in the 1890 veterans schedule.

I found from Ned's tax information that as an adult he was a very profitable man, even immediately after slavery was ended. He was listed as a carpenter and farmer and was found living in the McDaniels township (Mintz and Parkersburg) of Sampson County NC in 1870, 1880 and 1900. Ned continued to live here until his death which was sometime between 1900-1910. After his death his family virtually vanished from the McDaniels township. On the left there are links to Ned's slave owner, immediate and/or slave family and a census map of present day Sampson County and some of the Cumberland townships which will give you an idea of the areas that have been mentioned on this page.


Rose was Ned Edward's first wife and I found her living with him in 1870 and 1880. She must have died sometime between 1880 and 1900 because she could not be found in any information after 1880. I have found that many of her granddaughters and great granddaughters were named Rose, Rosa and Rossie in her honor. Click here for some information that has led me to believe that Rose Autry, Ned Edmund Autry's grandmother Phyllis Herring and his mother Edith Herring-Johnson were very closely related. And now because of this information I am quite sure that the naming of Rose's and Edith's children (being the same) and two of Edith's children (Ned and Rose) having the same name as Ned Edward Autry and his wife Rose was not merely a coincidence. I also know for a fact that the list of her children listed in the information on this page is very incomplete. I am more than sure that Ned and Rose had other daughters that married into the Parkers, Owens, Boone and Fort families. All of this is being researched now.

Descendants of Ned Edward Autry

1 Ned Edward Autry 1826 - 1909
.. +Rose Autry 1822 -
..... 2 Mary Autry-Herring 1849 -
......... +Dennis Herring
..... 2 Charlotte Autry-Parker 1850 -
..... 2 Isaac Autry 1852 -
......... +Matilda Parker 1857 -
..... 2 Richard Dick Autry 1856 -
......... +M
..... 2 Ella Autry 1859 -
..... 2 Winney Autry 1866 -
......... +Alex Blackman 1862 -


Ned Edward married again on 8-25-1901 to Margie Boon. Click here for here family information.

1 Ned Edward Autry 1826 - 1909
.. +Margie Maggie Boon 1879 - 1915
..... 2 Ned Washington Autry 1905 -

The information on this page is like a drop of water in the ocean as being compared to Ned Edward's present day line of descendants. His descendants are still many in eastern North Carolina. It is so sad, 99.9% of them presently living has never even heard of him.

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