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Mary's husband was named Dennis Herring and they were found living in the McDaniel township of Sampson County in 1870 in Ned Edward Autry's household with a one year old daughter named Flora Herring. Click here to view this information of 1870. Although by 1880 Mary and Dennis had moved out, Flora was still found living with Ned Edward and his family, was referred to as Flora (Flower) Autry instead of Flora Herring and was listed as Ned Edward's niece. You can click here to view this information of 1880.

Flora died sometime between 1898 and 1900 leaving three daughters
Mary born 01-1893
Lula born 03-1895
Sankie born 05-1898 (It has been said that Sankie helped organize the first of the Autry family reunion that is still held annually at Jones Lake in Bladen County.)

These three sisters were found again in 1900 living in Flora's cousin and/or aunt Charlotte Autry-Parker and family's household. It has also been told by family elders that they often visited my great grandfather Ned Edmund Autry and family of Bladen County and would sometime stay. I have heard that Ned Edmund's wife Mary often spoke of and worried about the three. Incidentally Ned used the surname of Herring before he for some reason changed it to Autry. Is it possible that Ned Edmund and Dennis were brothers?

I don't know what happened to Dennis and Mary after they moved out of Ned's household. I found a Dennis Herring in the same age range that was living in the Cypress creek area of Bladen County in 1880. Cypress Creek bordered the McDaniels township at one time. This Dennis married his wife in 1874 and by 1880 had three infant children born to them. It is possible that something happened to Mary and Dennis moved on, leaving Flora with Ned so he could make another start. Something must have also happened to this Dennis because by 1900 I could not find him anywhere.

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