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Many years after Rose Autry's (Ned Edward Autry's first wife) death, Ned Edward Autry married Margie Boon. They were were married on August 25, 1901 in Sampson County, North Carolina. At the time of the marriage, Ned Edward Autry was somewhere around 68 to 70 years of age and Margie was 22.

The only child born to this union was a son named Ned Washington Autry. Ned Washington was delivered on January 8, 1905 by Charlotte Autry-Parker. Charlotte was a midwife and was also Ned Edward Autry's oldest daughter by his former wife Rose.

This marriage did not last very long. Ned Edward died on April 26, 1909. As a result Margie and young Ned Washington moved back home to Margie's parents. Not many years later tragedy struck again. On July 10, 1915 Margie passed away. As a result, young Ned Washington moving to Bladen County to live with an older brother, Ned Edmund Autry. Ned Washington lived with Ned Edmund and his large family for many years and was loved by all. My uncle Daniel often speaks of what he remembers of Ned Washington's stay in Bladen County.

I often wonder if Ned Washington ever went back to the Mintz community to visit his Boone relatives. My uncle Daniel said that he often returned to Autry town and visited with them. My records show that Ned Washington was living in Brooklyn NY on Lexington Avenue in 1936.


Margie was the Daughter of George Washington and Margarette Boon who were also of the Mintz neighborhood of Sampson County.


The Boons were free people of color just as the Hayes, (E)Mannuel, Jacobs, Holmes, Pone, Brewington and other families found in several eastern counties in NC. They were never slaves and can be traced back many years prior to the emancipation. From my many hours of research on the many free families of color in the eastern areas of NC, I sometimes wonder was it better to be a slave or a freedman. It looks like to me that the white establishment of pre emancipation came after the freedman with everything they had.

I found Allen boon living in the southern district of Sampson County in 1850. I think Amos Boon was his father who was born sometime around 1780, Abram his brother being born in 1815 and Comfort a sister born in 1800. They all lived side by side in 1850 Sampson County.

Allen's immediate family consisted of
Allen Boon born abt. 1815
Sarah born abt. 1820
Adeline born abt. 1838
Isabella born abt. 1840
Edward born abt. 1842
Marshal born abt. 1844
Allen born abt. 1845
Samuel born abt. 1847

By 1860 Allen must have died shortly before this listing. The family was listed as follows.
Sarah Boon 42
George Washington Boon 22
Adeline 20
Prince 18
Martha 15
Allen W. 13
Benjamin H. 9
Elonza C. 4
James O. 3
Sarah 1

By 1870 George Washington Boon had married Margarette Melvin who was born in 1850. By 1880 they were still living in Sampson County and listed below is who made up their immediate family.
G W Boon 41
Margarette 36
Dora E. 3
Margey A. 2
Carissey Melvin (Margarette's mother) 60

They were still living in Sampson County in 1900 and was listed as follows.
George W Boon 62
Margarette 58
Dora E. 23
Margie A. 21
John H. 18
Joseph B. 16
Casa Melvin (Margarette's mother) 102

By 1910 George's household was listed as follows and all of them except Ned Washington must have died sometime before and around 1915.
George Washington Boon 73
Margarette 70
Margie Boon-Autry 31
Ned Washington Autry 4

Joseph's Family of 1910 was listed as follows:
Joseph B Boon 21
Alice 22
George W. 6
Racheal S. 3
Hannah 1.5
Lillie 4 months

Joseph's family by 1920
Joe Boon 36
Alice 28
George 14
Racheal 12
Hannah 11
Hubert L. 7
Pressie 5
Wilbert 2
Maggie L. 6 months

Joseph's family by 1930 (the E is used in the spelling of Boone for the first time)
Joe B. Boone 45
Alice 38
George W. 24
Pressy 15
Wilbert 12
Maggie 10
Joseph B. 7
Manley J. 10 months.

Wilbert married Annabelle and they both have died. They raised a family of children in the Longview area of Sampson County who are still very goods friends of mine. Some of them are as follows.
Jessie (Sonny Boy)

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