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Descendants of Winney Autry

1 Winney Autry 1866 -
.. +Alex Blackman 1862 -
..... 2 Lillie Blackman 1896 -
..... 2 Susan A. Blackman 1898 -
..... 2 John Houston Blackman 1899 -
......... +Lula 1902 -
............. 3 Edgar L. Blackman
............. 3 Willis Blackman
............. 3 Lillie R Blackman
............. 3 Wilbur Blackman
............. 3 Thelma Blackman
..... 2 Emma Blackman 1891 -

Winney was found living with her father Ned in 1870 and 1880. In 1900 she was found living with her husband Alex Blackman in his mother's (Elizabeth Blackman) household. The household consisted of
Elizabeth Blackman born 1833
David Blackman a son born 1860
Margarette Blackman a daughter born 1864
Louisa Blackman a daughter born 1869
Alex Blackman a son born 1862
Winnie Autry-Blackman born 1866

Alex and Winnie's children
Lillie Blackman born 1896
Susan A Blackman born 1898
John Blackman born 1899
Emma Blackman born 1891

By 1910 Alex and Winnie were living in their own home. Two of their children Lillie and J. Houston were living with them at the time. Alex's sister Katie Blackman was also residing at the home.
I found Winnie and Alex in 1920 with the same household except Katie had moved on and a grandchild Thelma born in 1919 was living with them.

In 1930 Winnie and Alex were still found together. Their household consisted of
Winnie and Alex
Mag Blackman Alex's sister born 1866
Winnie and Alex's son Houston was still living with them along with his wife Lula born 1902 and their children who were as follows.
John Houston Blackman
Edgar L. Blackman
Willis Blackman
Lillie R. Blackman
Wilbur Blackman
Thelma Blackman

Note:Winney might be the ancestors of Peter Rabbit and Albert Blackman of Roseboro. Peter Rabbit has given me insight on the Melvin line of his family all the way back to pre-emancipation. I use to be a regular visitor to his home but since I learned of Winney Autry-Blackman I have not had the chance to make his acquaintance again.

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