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Woodrow Wilson Autry (1913 - 1931)

WOODROW WILSON AUTRY (son of PERRY AUTRY and MITTIE THOMAS) was born in 1913 in Marshville, North Carolina. On May 13, 1931 WILSON allegedly assaulted a 20-year-old white woman, HOYLE KEZIAH, in Marshville. After the alleged assault, WILSON fled North Carolina. A large mob consisting of 200 - 300 angry citizens combed the county looking for WILSON.

On May 16, 1931 he was found in the barn of a black farmer, ROBERT MOBLEY, near Lancaster, South Carolina. He was apprehended by Sheriff LF DABNEY. After his apprehension, DABNEY stored WILSON under a stack of blankets in the back seat of his patrol car to escape the angry mob during the transport back to Charlotte, North Carolina.

During his trial WILSON admitted to having improper relations with Mrs. KEZIAH but stated that it was not forceful. His case was not appealed to the North Carolina Supreme Court. He was executed by electrocution on August 10, 1931 in the North Carolina State Prison located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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