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Sandhill Cemetery Information

The following pages contain grave information for the Sandhill Cemetery.

Last NameFirst NameMiddleBirth DateDeath DateAdditional Headstone Data
BarrettWayneNewtonDec. 20, 1969Feb. 10, 1971Son of James and Mary Barrett
BordeauxAlexGJan. 1, 1880May 16, 1962 
BordeauxStella Jan. 25, 1883Feb. 16, 1960 
BordeauxPerryLeeAug. 21, 1958Dec. 6, 1966 
EvansJerryLewisMar. 20, 1969Nov. 14, 1982 
JohnsonCoraROct. 15, 1889Apr. 18, 1922Daughter of CW and R Johnson
JohnsonGeorge 19001973 
JohnsonCharlesEddie, SrAugust 20, 1938August 11, 2004 
JohnsonWanda 19431964 
JohnsonTeed 19041974 
JohnsonJohn HMay 16, 1886Sept. 16, 1968 
JohnsonNoliaWApril 7, 1898August 26, 1969 
LuphemaElder Sept. 9, 1893Mar. 27, 1950Gone but not forgotten. Rest until resurrection.
MelvinJerutha 19251983 
MelvinVanLeonJune 15,   
MelvinMaryAlice JAugust 24, 1898July 20, 1971 
Skinner MaryBJuly 26, 1919May, 4, 1959The wife of Watterman Skinner

* There are numerous graves in this cemetery that are un-marked. One in particular is marked by a cinderblock. In a majority of the cases, the graves are marked by mortician grave markers where the writing is not legible.

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