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Hello and Welcome to Allen Omega's Website.

All of the information on this website was obtained from federal, state and County records, message boards, family grave sites, family bibles, older members of the family, the booklet JUST LIKE A TREE PLANTED BY THE WATER by Ms. Dorethea Autry-Ellis and the long hard hours of research done on the Anson County families by Ms. Deborah Morales.

The birth dates and ages on the census reports were not very reliable. I noticed in more than one instance when a person would actually be recorded younger or just two years older on his or her next census listing. I think a lot of people really didn't know how old they were. Due to not being able to count or add. I have tried to insure the accuracy of the information on this website, however there is still and always will be a possibility of error.

If anyone has any corrections, feel free to contact me. Also please take time and sign the guestbook.

Very special thanks to those who helped make it possible.

Mrs. Virginia Thomas-Autry
Mrs. Elizabeth Bordouxe-Autry
Mr. Odell Autry
Mr. Daniel Autry
Ms. Dorethea Autry-Ellis
Mr. Michael Kenny
Mr. Leroy Autry
Ms. Deborah Morales
Mrs. Vagella Douglas-Smalls
Mrs. Emmie Caison-Douglas
Mrs. Marjorie Kersey-Cole

Some photos in this site were supplied by Sandra Kay Autry-Hopkins, Jimmy Gerald Johnson, Ruby Autry, Daniel Autry, Craig Cash Hayes, Esther Louise Autry-McLean, Elizabeth Bordouxe-Autry and Catherine Autry.

The information on this site changes almost daily so be sure and make regular visits back.
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