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Gabriel Powell's Children

Gabriel fathered many children in the Colly township of Bladen County. The following is some nformation about those children. If you have any additional information on Gabe's children please send it to me. I will include it on this page.

George, Dick and Dallas Powell

For some reason their is no information for these three sons of Gabriel and Julia (the first wife of Gabe) since 1870. I am still searching for the three of them. They were born in 1860, 1863 and 1865.

Sarah Powell-Johnson

Sarah was born in 1867 and was first found in 1870 living with her parents, Gabriel and Julia Powell. For some reason their is no information on Sarah in 1880. She was only thirteen then and was not listed with her father. Sometime after 1880 Sarah married Toney Troy Johnson of the Turnbull township of Bladen County NC. My grandmother Sophie Powell-Thomas was Sarah's youngest sister who spoke of Sarah and her son William often.

Descendants of Sarah Powell

1 Sarah Powell 1867 -
.. +Toney Troy Johnson
..... 2 William Johnson 1888 -
..... 2 Mattie Johnson 1892 -
..... 2 Mary C Johnson 1894 -
..... 2 Lillie Johnson 1898 -

Adeline Powell-Glover

Adeline was found to be ten in 1880. Adeline was around two years old when Gabe and Sophia were married and she named her first child, her only daughter, Anna Julia.

There is much mystery about Adeline. Her birth date ranges from 1870-1872 however Gabriel and Julia had a newborn child that was not named at the time of this 1870 information. Some information shows that Adeline was ten years old in 1880 and that would prove that she was Julia's daughter because Gabe and Sophia were not married until 1872.

I am also assuming that Adeline named her only daughter, Annie Julia after Gabriel's wife Julia. I have heard of only one other child that Adeline had and that it was fathered by Ned Edmund Autry. The child's name was John David Powell and he died as an infant. I have also heard the elders of the Powell family say that both of her children could have been fathered by Ned Edmund Autry.

It was said that Adeline constantly moved from place to place in search of and following work. She moved to Fayetteville NC for a while, back to Colly, then to Wilmington and back to Colly. I even heard that she once had a job on a large boat that went back and forth on the Cape Fear from Elizabethtown to Wilmington. It was during this time that Gabe and Sophia had taken Annie Julia (Cubby) to raise themselves. Adeline eventually married Dawson Glover and lived in the Colly township for the rest of her days. My mother has a picture of Adeline and Dawson that is framed. I think the picture is about eighty years old.

George Powell

George was born in 1875. I found him living in his father's household in 1880 and haven't found any information on him since. George is the second son that Gabe gave this name to. This makes me think that his first son named George had an untimely death sometime in his youth.

Idella Powell-Richardson

Idella was born in 1876 and was found living in her father's household from 1880 to 1900. Sometime between 1900 and 1910 she married William Richardson Who was the son of Ned Edmund Autry's sister, Mary Johnson-Richardson. William was born a Johnson in 1882 many years before Mary and Troy's marriage but sometime between 1900 and 1910 he began using the surname of Richardson instead of Johnson. Idella and William continued to live in the Colly township for the remainder of their natural lives. My grandmother, Sophia Powell-Thomas who was Idella's youngest sister, was said to have played a major role in the upbringing of Idella's children after her death. Some of William and Idella's children were as follows.

Descendants of Idella Powell

1 Idella Powell 1876 -
.. +William Richardson 1882 -
..... 2 Robert Richardson 1911 -
..... 2 Annie M. Richardson 1913 -
..... 2 Mary Richardson 1914 -
..... 2 William Dennis Richardson 1919 -
......... +Mattie
..... 2 Donnie L. Richardson 1927 -

Dennis married Mattie and is the father of Robert Lawrence, Charles and Kenny Richardson just to name a few.
Donnie L. Richardson born abt. 1927 - This person could be a child of William's second marriage. I do not know at the moment.

Mitchell Powell

Mitchell was born in 1880 and was found living with his parents that same year. I have not been able to find any information on him since. There was however a Mitchell Powell with the same age that was located in the alfordsville township of Robinson County in 1910 and later moved to the Durham township of Durahm in 1920. At the moment I have not had time to research this finding but he and some of his family are as follows.

Descendants of Mitchell Powell

1 Mitchell Powell 1880 -
.. +Henrietta 1899 -
..... 2 McDuffie Powell 1912 -
..... 2 Sarah Powell 1918 -
..... 2 Melvin Powell 1919 -

Isiah Powell

Isiah was born sometime around 1882 and was found living in his father's household in 1900. He was known to be what they called a free bleeder at that time and died a young man sometime before 1910. I have heard many old stories that my grandfather Oscar Autry has told about he and Isiah in their youth. Especially the one about the last day he saw Isiah. He and Isiah were working together at some sawmill and either that day or the next was Isiah's birthday. Isiah told my grandfather on their way home how he was going to make the boss man pay him on the day of his birthday but never lived to see it.

Ann Powell

Ann was born sometime around 1884 and was found living in her father's household in 1900. I found her again in 1930 married to and living with Franklin McDuffie and their children. After Ann's death her youngest sister Sophie played a major role in the upbringing of her children. As a matter of fact Daniel lived with Sophie until his death. I was also living there at the time of Daniel's death. It hurt my grandmother so bad. Ann and Franklin's children are listed below.

Descendants of Ann Powell

1 Ann Powell 1884 -
.. +Franklin McDuffie
..... 2 Wash D. McDuffie 1916 -
..... 2 Daniel McDuffie 1919 -
..... 2 Jessie McDuffie 1922 - 2002
......... +Catherine
..... 2 Elsie McDuffie 1925 - March 20, 2009
......... +Alex Caviness

Elsie McDuffie CavinessA Birthday Function In Oct. 2004

Elsie married Alex Caviness and they are the parents of Wayne, Ronald, Vivian, Shelia and Gordon Caviness. I saw her and spoke with her at my mother's house October of 2004. She told me her age and I went on to tell her what a blessing.

Racheal Powell

Racheal was born sometime around 1885 and was found living in her father's household in 1900 and 1910. I haven't been able to find anymore information on her since then.


Sandy Powell

Sandy was born sometime around 1886 and was found living in his father's household in 1900 and 1910. By 1920 and 1930 He was found living in Elizabethtown with his wife and children.

Descendants of Sandy Powell

1 Sandy Powell b: 1886
..+Prisillia b: 1894
...2 Daisy Powell b: 1913
...2 Sudie Powell b: 1915
...2 Ubert James Powell b: 20 Feb 1919 d: 04 Jan 1993
...2 Dewitt Powell b: 23 Jun 1922 d: 06 Apr 2001
......+Sallie Hayes
...2 Dancy Powell b: 30 Nov 1924 d: 02 Nov 1998
...2 Elizabeth Powell


Jefferson Powell

Jefferson was born sometime around 1892 and was also found living in his father's household in 1900, 1910 and 1920. I think he also died as a young man. My grandmother once told me that Jefferson was musically inclined and could play any musical instrument that he came across.

Gabriel Jr. Powell

Gabriel was born sometime around 1896 and was found living with his parents in 1900 and 1910. Gabriel Jr. was found again in 1930 married and living in the township of Cross Creek in Fayetteville. No children were listed to this union at the time.

Annie Julia Powell-Jones

Annie Julia (Cubby) was actually Gabe and Sophia's grandchild but she is listed with their children because they raised her just as they did their own. My grandmother Sophie Jane looked upon Annie as one of her very own sisters. I have heard many of my grandmother's stories about their life together as youngsters and adults. Especially the one about the horse that Gabe sold that still remembered them after about ten years.

Annie was found living in Gabe's household in 1900, 1910 and 1920. I found Annie again in 1930 married and living with Anderson Jones and two of their children. Wilbert E. Jones born abt. 1926
William C. Jones born abt. 1926
They must have been twins.

June S. Powell

June was born sometime around 1899 and was found living in her father's household in 1900. I have not found any information on her since then. June must have died in her early youth. She was born a year before my grandmother and I have never heard my grandmother mention her name as being one of her play and workmates in their youth. She only referred to Annie Julia (Cubby) as those type of companions.

Sophie Jane Powell-Thomas


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