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Bladen County Slave Information: Isaac Wrights Will

Isaac Wright (b:11-5-1780 d:3-24-1865) was one of the largest slave owners that lived in Bladen County from 1850 to 1865. He was the owner of over 300 slaves in 1860, one of which was my gg grandfather, Joseph Wright and his immediate relatives that lived in what is now present day Lagoon to the Sugar Loaf (river communities in Bladen County located on the northern banks of the Cape Fear river) in 1870. His will speaks of slaves that he also owned in a place called Little River. At this time I do not know if this place is Little River, South Carolina or not. Of his many slaves, he only makes mention of a selected few in his will. These could have been slaves that he trusted or depended on most.

From reading his will I found that he was a very strong willed man and he didn't want slavery or his Wright dynasty to ever end. This is only my interpretation from his wishes and demands that he left in his will. Other than the division of his land and slaves he goes on to mention how he would give his daughter-in-law $50,000.00 to remain unmarried, not to break up the slave family if possible, and that no other person other than a Wright or their heirs should ever own any of his property.

Isaac Wright is buried in the Issac Wright Cemetery aka Wright-Vickers in Bladen County. Click to view an interesting Blog posting about one of Isaac's Run Slave, Welcome.

The division of Isaac's slaves in his will of 11-15-1862 were listed as follows.

To deceased son Moorehead Wright's children of Red River Arkansas, William Fulton, Elizabeth Moorehead, Imagene, Isaac and Matilda Amelia all my negroes on my plantation known as the White Place, except Isaac and Owen.

To my son Clement G Wright and his heirs in trust all the negroes sent to Little River for the use and support of my daughter Catherine D Murchison that is now in the possession of her husband Duncan Murchison.

I also give in trust to Clement and his heirs for the sale and separate use of my daughter Catherine, the negroes now named as the number she now has the use of falls in value to those in possession of my daughter Ann Elizabeth McDiarmid.

Mimibo and her two children, Caroline the daughter of Genah, Harriett the granddaughter of Patty and Sassiby the sister of Caroline also Joshua and his wife Dilly and all of her children and also 1/3 of all my negroes on my Walkers Bluff and Lisbon plantations with all their present and future increase during her lifetime. After her death the trust to be equally divided between her children but in the division I wish Jane Fairley to get Joshua and his wife Dilly and all their children.

I give to my daughter Ann Elizabeth McDiarmid and her heirs and husband David all my negroes now in their possession and known as a part of my Bladen stock of negroes and also 1/3 of all my negroes on my Walkers Bluff and Lisbon plantations

I give to my deseased daughter Lucy G Monroe's children Adolphus, Isaac Wright, William Clement and Elizabeth Jane Monroe 1/3 of all my slaves on my Walkers Bluff and Lisbon plantations.

I also give to my son Clement all the negroes I own and belonging to my Milton plantation residing there not already disposed of including Fred, John called by distinction John McLeod, Toney, Patty, Isaac and Owen who belong to the White plantation.

It is to be understood that Franklin the son of Rhody, Baccus, Jack, Toney, Thomas and Ben, the sons of Grace, yellow, Peter and Holmes fall in amongst the Walkers Bluff and Lisbon negroes when divided.

I also give to Clement Major and his wife Juliet and her children and Archy and Sally

I also give Gibbs to my son Clement. He has a wife at the White Place that is willed to my son Moorehead's children.

I also desire that in the division of the negroes the families should be broken as little as practicably and also the relation of man and wife shall be respected as far as can be done.

Isaac amended his will on 9-7-1864 and it reads as follows.

To my son Clement if he survives the war, My negroes Holmes, Yellow, Peter, Mimibo and her two chldren and all other negroes that I have already put into his possession.
I also give to Clement all my slaves on the White Place which number 33.

Isaac amended his will once again on 11-19-1864.

To Jane Fairley I give the slaves Joshua and Dilly and their 17 children.
To Clement I give Little Jack called Jack Toney, Holmes, Yellow, Peter, Gibbs, Isaac, Nat, Owen, Little Peggy the wife of Hannibal and child and Mimibo and her two children in additionto all other slaves given to him in the past.
I also give to Clement all my slaves on the White Place and I give Archy the husband of Carida to Annette and her Childrn.

Transcribed by Allen Omega

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