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The Wrights and Suttons of Bladen County NC

Cora Jane Wright Autry

Cora Jane Wright Autry
Cora Jane Wright Autry (1/17/1893 - 1/14/1983) was the daughter of Grant Wright and Mary Catherine "Katie" Sutton. She married Oscar Autry Sr (8/30/1885 -12/22/1976) on 11-23-1911. She received a Midwife certificate from the Midwife Institute located at North Carolina State Teachers College in Fayetteville, NC on August 15, 1952. Today that school is known as Fayetteville State University.

Click here to view the obituary of Cora Jane Wright Autry.

Here is something that I found to be very interesting and almost unbelievable. On 12-19-04 my uncle Daniel Fletcher Autry asked me to come and talk with him about a few things that he had on his mind. When I arrived he told me that his mother, Cora Jane and her younger sister Nollie rowed a boat across the Cape Fear river then walked to Elizabethtown to see two men named Sellers and Brown get hanged one day at the Bladen County court house. He said that his mother could only remember their last names and that he wanted me to find their full names and the date of their execution. Sure enough on 11-16-1904 twenty-four year old lumber mill workers Neil Sellers and Dave Brown were hanged at the Bladen County courthouse in Elizabethtown for murder and rape. My grandmother was 17 years of age at the time. On 03-12-1910 Henry Spivey was the next and last man to be hanged at the Bladen County courthouse. Uncle Daniel said that his mother did not attend this execution. I guess the hanging of Sellers and Brown was enough of that business for a lifetime. Click here to view information on other executions in NC from 1726-1961.

The following are the descendants of Cora.

Descendants of Cora Jane Wright

1 Cora Jane Wright 1893 - 1983
.. +Oscar Autry 1885 - 1976
..... 2 Lofton Laylon Autry 1912 - 1991
......... +Uney Bronson
..... *2nd Wife of Lofton Laylon Autry:
......... +Dora Lee
..... *3rd Wife of Lofton Laylon Autry:
......... +Elizabeth Clara McClean 1919 -
..... 2 Edward Grant Autry 1913 - 1993
......... +Azzie Lay Johnson
..... 2 Esther Louise Autry 1915 -
......... +Lency McClean 1912 - 1977
..... 2 Glennie Mammie Autry
......... +Almon F. Johnson 1917 - 2000
..... 2 Daniel Fletcher Autry
......... +Elizabeth Bordeaux
..... 2 Julia Mae Autry
......... +James Palmer Johnson
..... 2 Preston Autry 1924 - 1972
..... 2 Odell Autry
......... +Virginia Thomas
..... 2 Elvin Ervin Autry 1926 - 2002
......... +Pearl Suggs
..... 2 Leslie Autry 1928 - 2000
......... +Everlena A. Richardson 1933 - 2002
..... 2 Johnny Nathan Autry
......... +Dorothy Owens
..... 2 Oscar Lee Jr Autry
......... +Delma McKoy
..... 2 Cleophus Autry
......... +Catherine Marlene Thomas

Click here for information about Cora's Parents, Grant Wright and Mary Catherine "Katie" Sutton.


This is a map of Bladen County and it's townships. It must be a fairly modern map because of the Central township that is just north of the Elizabethtown township. The Central township from 1870 until sometime around 1910 was known as Elizabethtown north of the Cape Fear river. Still from it you should be able to get a good idea of where the townships were located that William and his family were associated with.


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